About Us

Headquartered in Acton, Massachusetts, Floelle, Inc. was co-founded in 2010 by Cheri Grantham, a medical assistant from Willis, TX, and Jerrold M. Shapiro, PhD, a bioengineer from Acton, Massachusetts.

The company’s mission is to develop a medical device that will manage and treat women with urinary incontinence by liberating them from using sanitary paper products. Our vision is to make this device available to all women worldwide.

Executive Team

Jerrold M. Shapiro, PhD, President
Cheri A. Grantham, MA, Vice President
Judy Isaacson, MS, Chief Marketing Officer
Peter Fuchs, CPA, MBA, Chief Financial Officer

Advisory Board

Arthur P. Mourtzinos, MD, MBA
Kempton Coady, MBA, MPS
Mike Chester, MBA, BSEE
Yaniv Ganor, PhD, MSBE

Industry Partners

Vascular Sciences – FDA, Regulatory Affairs
Bridgemedica LLC – Manufacturing
Hull Associates – Reimbursement
Emergo – International Distribution