Floelle Technology

Floelle is developing a soft, disposable medical device inserted in the urethra. Normally urine flows through the channel. When belly pressure exceeds a certain threshold (as in a sneeze, etc.) the urethra presses against the device, closes the channel to block flow and stops accidental urine leaks. It’s replaced every four months to prevent bacterial colonization. The product has been invented, designed, prototyped and successfully tested in an in vitro model of a woman’s lower urinary tract. It is unobtrusive and should not be felt once inserted. 96% of the 80 incontinent women interviewed would use the Floelle device.

Floelle provides an effective, non-surgical, and safe solution that will free women from inconvenience and embarrassment.

  • Is safer and eliminates the need for surgery or medication
  • Eliminates the cost of absorbent padding
  • Eliminates the time and inconvenience of changing urethral plugs, absorbent pads or briefs
  • Eliminates commonly caused ulcers and irritations